Top 10 Best Android Apps in May 2016

Top 10 Best Android Apps in May 2016

There are millions of Android Apps in the Google play store. In this case, if want to select the best one for you then you will be confused that which one to use and why. That’s why we are here with top 10 android apps which you can choose to try for your smartphone in this month. After that if you like them, then you can add to your favorite list of android application. Many new applications come and go on every month in the play store and there is a great competition between the apps to make their reputation in Google play store, if you want to select one, then you should check it first on your device.

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Here is the list of some good android apps which can’t be missed and can be proved diamond in the rush of apps.

Top Android Apps for Your Smartphone

1. r for Reddit

r for Reddit


Reddit is very popular social media platform where people share a lot of information to the community. There is a huge amount of new users come on Reddit in each month. Reddit is one of the best source of entertainment and useful information about any topic. Because of the big popularity of the Reddit, there is an app for you to organize your subreddits on your smartphone.

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2. SrockX


In you are a sneaker lover and then SrockX is the best app for you to try. This android app is offering the sneakers on the current market price. You can buy your favorite one from them, this app is like an eBay online store to purchase the things from the internet.

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3. Yahoo Esports

Yahoo Esport

If you are an sports lover and want see the live stream of new competitions of the top games, then this app is worthy for you to try. In this app, you can easily watch recorded and live video and get access to highlights and news.

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4. Voisi Recorder & Transcriber

Voisi recorder & transcriber

As you can understand from the name of the app that this app is about voice recording and this app has also the feature to transcribe what you will say. The app has another good feature that you can bookmark while listening and you will not lose your place where to listen.

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5. Screenshot Join

Screenshot join

Screenshot join is a very nice app. If you take too many screenshots and want to stitch all of them in one place, then Screenshot join android app is the best choice for you. While taking screenshots you can stitch them together vertically or horizontally, which format you like. When you have done with your screenshots process, then you can save them.

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6. The Rock Clock Android App

The Rock Clock Android App

Lots of people have the same problem that, they can’t get up early in the morning. So, to overcome you this hurdle this is one the best android apps. The Rock Clock is the best app for you. You can easily configure your desired time for the alarm to wake you up. There is also an option for setting goals and the alarm will go offline when you have achieved your goals.

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7. Random Flix

Random Flix

This android app will be helpful for you if love to use Netflix, but you are always confusing that what you should watch. Random Flix is a very nice app, it will bring all the random stuff for you that you have told it to.

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8. Eat This Much – Meal Planner Android app

Eat this much

This android app is very useful for your food planning. This app has quite good features which can help you to maintain your health. If you want to lose your fat, then this app will show you the calories in your food that you are going to eat.

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9. Card Case

Card Case

If you are a business man then you know that how the business cards are important for making contacts and to increase your network. Very often you forgot your business card in your home and maybe you hate to carry them around with you always.  Card Case is here you to solve your problem. This app offers a digital business card which you can share with the people right through the application. The app can find the other users who are using the Card Case around you and will share your business card with them. Card Case only shares your digital card with your permission.

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10. Reddit The Official App

Reddit the official app

As we all know that the Reddit is one of most popular social platform. To complete this list I will tell you about the official Reddit app that you can use on your android smartphone. Reddit toke a long time, but finally it has launched the official android app for android users. App has a very nice and excellent material design with all the functions of the Reddit website.

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