Best android antivirus and mobile security apps of 2016 | 920iphone

Best android antivirus and mobile security apps of 2016 | 920iphone

Here are the best android antivirus and mobile security apps of the year 2016. There are many malware scams reported in the Google play store so that’s why we made a list of top best android antivirus and mobile security apps to protect your mobile phones from this kind of malware and scams. If you are looking for something to protect your phone from this malware and Trojans then this list has the best antivirus and security apps for android phones In 2016.


List of Best Android Antivirus Apps of 2016

1. CM Security best android antivirus app

This one the most popular and best malware protection tools for android devices. CM (Clean Master) is a best android antivirus and it is award-winning virus protection app for android. There are many features in the apps like cleaning the junk, protection from viruses and checking of apps. It developed by Cheetah Mobile, which is a research company who reports about the android platform, including scams and its app is much faster and reliable for users.

best android antivirus 920iphone

 2. 360 Security-Antivirus

360 security is also one of the best android antivirus apps. This best real-time protection app for android devices. This application has all the essential features which are required to protect your device.  360 security android application has an antivirus engine which automatically scans your files and update the virus definition. Anytime when you install a new app on your device either from the play store or third party every application has to pass from 360 security app which makes it the best android antivirus application.

best android antivirus 920iphone

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

The PC version of Kaspersky is very popular anti-malware software. The free version of Kaspersky has all the standard features which are required to protect your device from phishing and viruses. The premium version (US$14.99/year) of the application offers most advanced protection from phishing in your text messaging, privacy protection while web surfing and cloud protection for your device.

best android antivirus 920iphone

4. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Malwarebytes has managed to become a very popular lightweight antivirus for PC protection. It’s free android application is very good and focuses on easy to use not on the tons of features. It offers malware protection, privacy protection and it also scans the suspiciously behaving apps.

best android antivirus 920iphone

5. AVL – Best Interface

AVL is a best android antivirus and efficient android security option with a nice user interface. As AVL has no advanced protection features like other applications, but it can help you for your basic protection needs. It has a less impact on your battery life.

best android antivirus 920iphone

6. AVG Antivirus security

AVG is a free and best android antivirus application for your device. It protects your device real-time from malicious applications, viruses, and spyware. It has the option to review your application, settings, files and more. Even there is an option to close that application which is causing to slow your device. And the very cool and important thing, if you lose your phone, then you can locate your device with Google Maps and delete or block your information.

best android antivirus 920iphone

7. Norton Security Antivirus: best premium version

Norton security antivirus is a free application to block the virus and malware. But if you get its paid version, then you will get a lot of features like remote locking and Sneak Peak. In the premium version of the application. There is an option to check the application for more battery use, malicious behavior and privacy risks.

best android antivirus 920iphone

8. Avast Antivirus premium best android antivirus app

Avast is a very popular and one of the best android antivirus apps. With the avast you can it possible to scan your device automatically for installed applications. There is also an option for SMS/Call filtering and block option. Many other features like a Siren alerts, GPs tracking and notification, if someone tries to switch out SIM card which makes it very helpful for the users. Other features like network meter, web shield, and firewall.

best android antivirus 920iphone


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  1. minmin
    August 9, 2016 at 7:53 am

    I can lock up my Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy with LEO Privacy. And I can also customize my lock mode which allows me to lock different apps under different circumstances. CM is also a good choice, but I think it isn’t smart enough~

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